JAYJUN Good Night Limited Mask Set

SKU: 192705000314


Renew Your Skin!

Get heavy hydration and intense revitalization with this set of masks formulated for nighttime. Assortment specially selected by staff at Jayjun US.  

Whether its the night before a big interview or your skin just needs an extra boost, you can use these pairs of our favorite serum-rich, intensive masks to hydrate and revitalize your skin before bed.  

Each Good Night Limited Mask Set features 10 assorted sheet masks packaged in an addressable, limited designed box. Just turn the box over and write your note in the designated space. Perfect for the Holidays! 


Dehydrated Skin

Intensive Skin Renewal  

Nighttime Use

Photo of Good Night Set with Photos of Included Masks Below. Typed list of included masks below this photo.



2 Red Miracle Revital Masks

2 It Began Tansy Masks

2 Collagen Skin Fit Masks

2 Wakepure Avacado Nourishing Masks

2 Aronia Soothing Masks

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