DR. PEPTI Peptide Volume Essence Mist 110ml

SKU: 8809610270658


*110ml/3.71 FL.OZ.

A two-layer mist that will keep you moisturized all-day

What are the 2 layers?

  • Oil base- This layer is to maintain the skin's moisture and helps keep the skin soft and elastic due to the Volufiline extract
  • Moisture base- This layer is composed of the Moist24™ technology made from Centella Asiatica extract which helps soothe, smooth, and calms the skin


What makes this different over other mists?

  • The mist must be shaken before use to properly incorporate both layers together to get all the wonderful benefits it offers to keep the skin feeling young and moisturized.
  • This is a rich moisturizing mist that penetrates deeply into the skin due to the 24 plant extracts and the Moist24 ™  technology.
  • Although very moisturizing this mist feels extremely refreshing to wear at all times of the day with or without makeup and won't weigh you down.


Key Ingredients:

  • Moist24™  - 2% - Moisturizing
  • Volufiline  - 0.3% - Elasticity and tightness
  • Centella Asiatica Extract - 76% - soothes the skin and keeps it healthy
  • 24 kinds of plant extracts - 77% - Make the skin comfortable and vibrant


Here are some tests we conducted to showcase this mist's amazing qualities

  • How powerful the stream of mist is to ensure you'll get a lot of product on your face
  • How the mist doesn't leave you with a sticky film
  • How much extra hydration the mist provides your skin
    • Your skin will go from dry to glowing and dewy 
  • How much extra moisture the mist provides to your skin
    • Our test before and after were:
      • Before: 11.1% water and 4.9% oil content on the skin
      • After use: 50.3% water and 22.6% oil content on the skin



Tested in an FDA certified facility for brightening and anti-aging



  • Discoloration of the product may happen over time, but it does NOT affect the quality of the product
  • The foam generated when using the product is a phenomenon due to the natural ingredients and the mixing of the 2 layers

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