DR. PEPTI Peptide Volume Cleansing Foam 110ml

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This product is imported and distributed by Giann Brands, the sole authorized partner in the United States. Check out its U.S. official site: drpepti.us  



#Soft #Gentle #Cotton Scented #Elastic foam

Get the most out of your cleanser with this volume cleansing foam from DR. PEPTI. This product has a unique texture that's thicker and richer to help keep the skin smooth and moisturized after use.


1.  The elasticity of the foam aids in cleaning every aspect of the face.

2.  The active ingredients are gentle and moisturize your face rather than strip the natural skin barrier.

3.  The unique texture and amazing ingredients leave the skin smooth and firm.

What is DR.PEPTI'S unique formula?

1.  4 Kinds of Peptides + Volufiline TM + Matrixyl 3000

2.  5 Kinds of Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract (Helps exfoliate while improving skin immunity)


Main Ingredients:

Centella Asiatica extract - 8.97% Moisturizing and Soothing

Asiatic acid 30% - Strengthens skin barrier

Madecassoside 30% - Moisturizing

Asiaticoside 40% - Soothing



This cleanser has a creamy thicker formula that won't run down your face.


Clinically tested (hypoallergenic)

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